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       Duration of work: 3 mins 30 secs

Her fiery skies 
in the dead red desert,
raging storms that come
from the sea,
her dusty-dry plains 
just after the rains,
are all a great mystery,
great mystery to me.

You could go mad 
in her sun and bitter rain,
and many's the man died		
cursing her name.

No-one can tame her,
nobody will,
for her charms can turn
quickly to heartbreak and pain.
Ancient and Proud

The Meeting of Two Cultures Ceremony
(Botany Bay, NSW) Sutherland Shire Choral Society and Sutherland Shire Brass at The Meeting of Two Cultures Ceremony celebrating the landing of Captain James Cook at Botany Bay. Attended by the Governor of NSW
A Night at The Proms Sutherland Shire Symphony Orchestra and the The Lydian Singers (Berry, NSW)
In Harmony: Southside Festival of Arts and Crafts
Sutherland Shire Choral Society and The Georgian Singers
Folk Songs concert
The Shoalhaven Lydian Singers (Berry, NSW)

Journey of Healing Gala (Worrigee, NSW) The Shoalhaven Lydian Singers
capaldo & teychenné
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