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July-October 2011


  1. Maree's children's poem, Tittle 'n' Tattle, will be published in Everflowing Ink: A Collection of Poetry at the end of October (UK) and her poem The Waterfall and Water Sprite will be published in Words Everlasting - Poetry Rivals Collection 2011 at the end of December (UK)

  2. EndLess, her mini-essay on writing, will be published in the 2011 Slingink Shorts Anthology (Slingink, UK)

  3. Her short play, Reflections in a Sunday Mirror, was short-listed for the 2011 season of Favourite Shorts (Armidale, Australia)

  4. Tricky Words books update: Maree is thrilled that, after years of work, her Tricky Words books are finally going into production with the publication of Book 1 My Aunt Ate a Plate. A total of 10 illustrators will be involved


  1. Maree and Steven entered I'm Longin' into the Jazz Category of The 2011 International Songwriting competition (Nashville, US). The song was recorded by Lorena Dale in London. Maree entered A Pretty Silk Flower into the Lyrics Only category

  2. Submitted Reflections in a Sunday Mirror to a mini-musicals competition in Sydney

  3. Are beginning work on their next mini-musical project that looks at the abuse of power from schoolyard bullying to military policing


Please contact us for more information about any of our works:


  1. Has been awarded a Unversity Research Council Grant for his project examining young people’s engagement with music through technology

  2. Has had a paper accepted (co-written with Alex Miller) in the Australian Journal of Music Education

  3. Has had a paper presented (co-written with Sue Bennett) at the International EdMedia Conference in Portugal in July, 2011

  4. Has received an ArtsNSW grant to run a project for university & primary school students working with Australian composer Damian Barbeler & UOW music lecturer Lotte Latukefu to write mini-operas


  1. Maree's lyrics for Eagle of the Wind were commended in the Lyrics Only category of the 2011 UK Songwriting competition

  2. Steven is now a full-voting member for the US Grammy Awards!

  3. Maree’s poem, Sister Maria, was a runner-up in the Fifty Funny Poems competition and will be published in the anthology Fifty Funny Poems for Children in 2012 (Thynks Publications, UK)

  4. Steven has been nominated for the 2011 Australian College of Educators Outstanding Educator award

  5. Steven’s transcription of As You Like It (by William Walton) was premiered by the UNLV Wind Orchestra in the US

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