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       Duration of work: 5 mins 10 secs

If a Lamington could skate
on a solid chocolate plate,
would he wear a cheeky grin
when the room began to spin?

Would he glide and slide with pride
in a circle fast and wide?
Spin a crazy leap and loop?
Crack a wheelie 'cross the soup?

Would he give us quite a scare
when he back-flipped in the air?
Would the coconut take flight
if it couldn't stand the height?
If A Lamington Could Skate

The lyrics are full of colourful images and dance-mime possibilities. The music is rich and epic with a variety of styles intercut with humorous sound effects and some familiar musical moments.

A fun children’s song which has been adapted from one of Maree Teychenné’s Lamington books.

Laugh Shoalhaven Comedy Festival
Recited at the elimination round (The Sussex
Inlet Tavern, NSW)
capaldo & teychenné
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