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       Duration of work: 10 mins
1. Waiting for the Ships  (1789)
On Christmas Eve,  			   
in convict times,  				
we’re waiting for the ships
to come.	 	

Tall ships, warships, 
transports and store ships, 
bringing news of home.
2. I’m Longin’  (1944)
Oh, I’m longin’, just longin’,
to see your smile once more.
I’m longin’, oh so longin’,
to hear your footsteps at my door.

3. Downloading Christmas (21st C)
The cards aren’t sent yet.
There’ll be egos offended.
The turkey isn’t dead yet
and friendships aren’t mended
from the last time we had,
the last time we had Christmas Eve!
On Christmas Eve

Short, Sweet & Song competition
Finalist (Sydney)
capaldo & teychenné
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