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       Duration of work: 3 mins 30 secs

And we're still tied to the strings of Betty  
but Betty is getting quite old. 
Next there'll be Charles 
(and that mistress of his) 
but scandals are just branches 
of Royal Showbiz!

Then Willy or Harry we’ll bow to.
But Harry’s not a ‘roil’ uppercrust!   
If his dad isn’t Charles,  
then who could it be?       
Maybe do-or-Di Hewitt? 
(‘Give ‘im drugs or he’ll bust!’)
The Strings of Betty

Hot Ice Wollongong Workshop Theatre

International Women’s Day Performance (Shoalhaven, NSW)

Shoalhaven Poetry Festival Grand Archer Poetry Mug for Maree’s performance of the poem
capaldo & teychenné
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