Audio Sample X)))

       Duration of work: 3 mins 10 secs

Thirty loads of washing every week,
bucket, broom and sopping mop!
Multiple births took my firm physique
with breasts that’re withered 
and ready to drop!

My husband wants me
slim and sleek,
(Oh God, he’s a man 
of a thousand wishes!)

For how can you keep alive
romance and mystique
when you’re drowning
in nappies and dirty dishes?
Thirty Loads of Washing

This work can be sung by a choir of women
wearing purple rubber gloves accompanied by
The Domestic Cleaning Equipment Ensemble (‘instruments’ such as meat tenderisers, metal buckets, toilet brushes, steam irons and
even a vacuum cleaner!)

International Women’s Day Performance (Shoalhaven, NSW) Shoalhaven IWD Choir
capaldo & teychenné
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