1. are beginning work on their latest project, a children’s musical. More details to come later!

  2. are getting to work on a new Short, Sweet + Song for 2010


  1. is working on book 2 of Tricky Words


  1. has finished work on a complete suite from The Lord of The Rings film trilogy for wind ensemble

  2. is getting back to work on  other creative projects and updating the website!


Highlights from On Christmas Eve

Short, Sweet + Song - Sydney 2009

  1. Maree’s poem Henry and Kimba was published in the poetry anthology Crazy For Creatures: A Collection of Animal Poetry (Forward Press, UK).

  2. Maree’s flash fiction, Endless Plus Endless, was published in the poetry and flash fiction anthology, back eyes poetry. (Earlyworks Press, UK).

  3. It was also published in Bylines 2010 Writers’ Desk Calendar (Missouri, USA) and read in the the Open Mic session of The Whiteley Readings (Brett Whiteley Studio, Surry Hills, NSW).

  4. And the website has undergone a make-over!

JAN 2010 - MAY 2010
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