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Central Victorian Radio Control Modellers was founded in 1992 by Fraser McGrath. and Steve Lomax

and 11 others, the inaugural meeting was held at Tannery Lane on Friday may 15th 1992, the purpose of the meeting was to form the club, and to foster the active participation of persons of all ages in radio controlled modelling. and to work towards acquiring their own flying field.

To promote the club and the sport, and encourage the safe and responsible operating procedures in accordance with the VMAA and MAAA rules.

It was also deemed that they would meet on the fourth Wednesday of each month at the Axedale tavern to further develop the clubs progress, and the first committee was elected into office.

An incorporation application was made in May 1992.

At the first meeting held on Wednesday June 24th 1992.

Which consisted of,

President F. McGrath Secretary/Public Officer S. Lomax

Treasurer J. Wallis Safety Officer G. Lawson

P. R. Officer K. Petland Groundsman R. Falvey

Social Officer P. Thompson Training Officer K. Mander

The club history records were started at the meeting detailing models and radio set types etc.

At the second meeting that was held on July 22nd 1992.

There was three club logo designs presented at this meeting, and it was also tabled that the current flying field in Bennett's Rd Longlea was a little small for larger model aircraft and that they should look for a larger more suitable flying field.

The first newsletter was circulated to the members.

The club continued to hold their monthly meetings at the tavern, also much work was done to make the field as good as they could, working bees, meetings and days of model flight testing presented themselves throughout 1992, the club members visited Shepparton of an mammoth fly-in, with larger models well worth seeing and getting build ideas.

The clubs primary objective was to be a fun club even though members did compete in competitions at other clubs, the main flying craft were aeroplanes but S. Lomax was looking into helicopters Steve's son Luke was one of the first juniors at the club.

The members had their general fly days on Saturdays.

Whilst the club was not really satisfied with the current flying field and they were looking so somewhere more suitable, January 1993 presented the first real flying field beside the Longlea recreational reserve after the smoothing of the runways and the majority of the work that needed doing was completed, they had a fairly good flying field, the club remained at that location for a couple of years overcoming noise related issues, boundary's and other general issues raised.

With the success of the club gaining over forty members they found themselves in the dilemma that the current field and area was a bit small approaching the land committee to gain extra area had failed so a new field was sought after which was found and is the current field in Hodges Lane Longlea.

The club has remained there for the last seventeen years and has enjoyed much flying there, a big open are small club room and BBQ/meeting area, and over the past few years upgraded runway, new tables, etc.

Over the last twelve months with new current members there has been some very important upgrades such as a new mower, a North south runway cut and maintained, a helicopter take off and landing area, these are just a few upgrades that have taken place and there are more on the books with upgrade to the meeting area being submitted.

The club members enjoy flying at the field with all the upgrades, the committee are well represented in the club ensuring safe and enjoyable flying for all the clubs members, they also get a new improved newsletter from the editor.

Our juniors are the up and coming senior members of the club with one of our juniors Matt Young who is off to the world championship pylon racing to be held in the Netherlands this year (2013) and is representing not only our club but Victoria and Australia (just a little wish for him fly safe fly well and bring it home).

The club is maintaining as a fun fly club and will remain as non competitive one, as the members enjoy the social aspect with that casual relaxed feel no pressure no worries attitude of its members with ideas and help with any project under taken.

The club enjoys presenting their wares at the local Easter fair in the Trades Hall Centre each year along with the men in sheds group this three day event is one of the busiest times for the club members and is enjoyed by all that pass through the doors.

Members of the club are looking forward to the coming years to see what develops.

The general flying day is on a Sunday at present with a very good turnout by the members.