A Switch In Time

A Novel


Herman Royce

To the doers of the world … make it so (please)

Part One: What
Chapter  1: The Earth Moves
Chapter  2: Mistaken Identity
Chapter  3: The Historian
Part Two: When
Chapter  4: Time and Motion
Chapter  5: Crash Course
Chapter  6: Choices
Chapter  7: Home and Away
Part Three: Who
Chapter  8: Self-Evident
Chapter  9: In the Puddle
Chapter 10: Delivering the Goods
Chapter 11: A Free Lunch
Chapter 12: Impostor
Part Four: Which
Chapter 13: Asparagus & Honeycomb
Chapter 14: Plurocracy
Chapter 15: Decisions
Chapter 16: After Hours
Chapter 17: The Bigger Picture
Chapter 18: Heart of the Matter
Chapter 19: Resonance
Chapter 20: Other Life
Part Five: Why
Chapter 21: Escape
Chapter 22: Beside Myself
Chapter 23: The Unravelling
Chapter 24: Face to Face
Chapter 25: No Place